Dr Alireza Abbasi

+61 2 626 88058


Room 362, Building 21,
School of Engineering and Information Technology (SEIT)


Alireza's research interest covers a wide range of topics in Management Science, Organisation and Network Science, Data Science and Information Systems Management, namely: 

  • Performance Management; Collaboration and Coordination Management; Project Management; Disaster and Emergency Management;
  • Complex Systems (Networks); Social Network Analysis; Networks Dynamics; Complex Adaptive Systems;
  • ICT for Management; Knowledge Management / Information Systems; Social Media Analytics; 
  • Informetrics and Scientometrics.

My research program can be broadly divided into the following major areas:


* Performance and Outcome Management

This research considers the effective management of entities (e.g., individuals, projects, processes) to provide a strategic approach to ensure that initiatives are designed around organizational outcomes and that the intended outcomes are achieved. Thus, developing methods and tools are required to quantify the performance of entities and understanding the socio-technical factors affecting on their performance (or outcome) directly or indirectly. Having metrics to evaluate and compare their performance creates opportunities to identify and resolve the shortcomings and finally enhance the performance. This research is applicable in variety of fields such as project management, business management, organizational science, health management, and information science to name a few.

* Network Governance, Dynamics and Management

Many research problems in different fields can be studied using a network (or system) perspective. For instance, efficient distribution of resources and information, human disease outbreak and building strategic coalitions are the challenges which can be investigated and modelled by studying the interaction of entities (e.g., humans or organisations) in their social and professional networks.  This research aims for a better understanding and evaluating of:  the governance of networks and its impact on network effectiveness; the dynamics of networks and the structural factors affecting the dynamics and outcomelink formation patterns and its drivers over the evolution of the networks and identifying influential entities that facilitate or control the dissemination and flow of resources over the network.  For example, identifying and controlling the influential human in their social networks can help in: preventing the spread of viral diseases; predicting and controlling terrorists’ attacks; and facilitating the propagation of information in emergency responses, marketing and political campaigns.   This research requires developing new computational models and methods for enhancing our understanding of network governance, dynamics and evolution to help better predict the changes in the behaviour of entities and structure of networks.  It also needs the use of network measures and techniques and applying multiple theories from variety of disciplines in order to develop theories on network evolution. 


* Utilising Technologies for Effective Management and Decision Making

This research aims to find out how Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and in particular ubiquitous social media platforms supports better functioning of individuals and communities including public or private organizations.  This requires understanding the impact of ICTs (including digital and social media, information systems and knowledge management systems) on the performance of organizations and their personnel. And it may need developing new (or modifying the existing) methods and/or tools and techniques for measuring progress of individuals and organizations.  Sample applications of this research include using or adopting new technologies for better: quality of life (well-being of individuals and societies); emergency and disaster management (to measure community resilience in emergencies and disasters); project, program and portfolio management; and resource management.   This research can help to utilise technologies for managers, decision and policy makers in order to enhance individuals and communities’ performance.


Research Projects: 
  • Measuring and Controlling Effectiveness of Project Management Processes and Approaches
  • Developing an Effective Information and Knowledge Management System for Project Control and Management
  • Enhancing Decision Making Process by developing an Effective Project (Program / Portfolio) Management Framework
  • Developing Tools, Techniques and Frameworks to Detect and Control Changes in Project Activities
  • Developing a Contingency Model for Managing Uncertainties and Risks in Projects
  • Identifying Influential Agents in Evolutionary Complex Systems (Networks)
  • Utilising Social Media for Effective Emergency Response and Disaster Management
  • Harnessing Crowdsourcing Capabilities of Social Media for Transportation Management (e.g., Human Mobility Patterns)
  • Exploiting Social Media for Public Health Promotion
  • Mining and Analysing Social Networks for Business Applications
  • Engineering Management (Undergraduate)
  • Software Project Management (Postgraduate)
  • Project Management Research Project (Postgraduate - supervisor)
  • Social Network Analysis (summer schools and workshops)
Leadership and Engagement:
  • Postgraduate Coordinator of Project Management Programs (Masters, Professional Doctorate, and PhD)
  • Invited thesis examiner and reviewer for journals and conferences
  • Local Chair of ‘10th International Conference on Project Management’ (ProMAC2016)
  • Committee member of conferences (e.g., ProMAC, INFOS, FTC, SIC, and IKE)
  • Member of Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM)



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