Capability Systems Centre Research Projects

Capability Analytics Research

Decision analytics to support capability based planning
Enterprise-wide modelling and optimisation to support capability based planning
Simulation based learning to educate capability analysts
Complex systems modelling automation

SEIT Research Projects


3D/2D Registration for Kinematic Analysis of Human Joints
Tri-plane B-mode Ultrasound for Non-invasive 3D Kinematic Analysis of Knee Joints
Imperceptible and Robust Blind Video Watermarking using Chrominance Embedding
Improved regularisation constraints for compressed sensing of multi-slice MRI
Optical test-benches for multiple source wavefront propagation and spatiotemporal point-spread function emulation
Subspace Detection Using a Mutual Information Measure for Hyperspectral Image Classification
Advanced methods for intraocular imaging
Compression and communication of single and multi-view video based on overlapping motion hint fields
Nonlinear Elastic Model for Flexible Prediction of Remotely Sensed Multitemporal Images

Optimization and Design

Design of Underwater Vehicles using Computational Intelligence
Structural Health Monitoring using Computational Intelligence
Development of Efficient Algorithms for Capacitated Arc Routing
Development of Efficient Algorithms for Single Objective Optimization
Differential Evolution with Dynamic Parameters Selection
Modelling Disruption Management
Managing Real-time Demand Fluctuation
Maximum Entropy Analysis of Non-Equilibrium Flow Systems and Flow Networks
Knowledge-based Evolutionary Multi-objective Approach for Stochastic Extended Resource Investment Project Scheduling Problems

Advanced Materials and Impact Dynamics

Mechanical behavior of fibre reinforced cementitious composites
Vibration-based delamination detection in composite beams through frequency changes
Deformation of a cantilever composite filament-wound anisogrid lattice cylindrical shell loaded by transverse inertia forces
Improved methodology for design of low wind speed specific wind turbine blades
Nonlinear modelling and analysis of composite pipes for offshore oil and gas applications
Biomechanics of soft nerve tissue
Simulating progressive failure of composite laminates including in-ply and delamination damage effects
Influence of fibre type on flexural behaviour of self-compacting fibre reinforced cementitious composites
Buckling analysis of the CCFF composite orthotropic plates subjected to in-plane bending
The effect of filament winding mosaic pattern on the stress state of filament wound composite flywheel disk
Improving Mechanical Performance of Composite Sandwich Panels with Foam Core using Shear Keys Concept: Experimental and Numerical Investigations
Plasmonic nano-antennas and novel materials

School of Business Research Projects

Governance and Strategic Decision Making

Capturing value in creative industry: enterprise, uncertainty and the quest for balance.
Practice & Procedure: High Court and Federal Court of Australia
Litigation in the Federal Court
Credit markets and use of land and real estate as collateral.
Land tenure and productivity
Property rights for development
The nexus between peace and prosperity
Owner/ manager capabilities and Hispanic small business performance
Boundary spanner roles in buyer-supplier exchange
Relational inertia in buyer-supplier exchange
Accessing Network Resources and Network Initialisation for Entrepreneurs
The impact of scandal in sport
Value co-destruction in buyer-supplier exchange
'The purgatorial shadows of war': Accounting, blame and shell shock
Accounting, stigma and Indigenous stolen wages
"Talkin' about my generation": Accounting and pirate radio
Advertising the accountant: A stereotype in crisis
Accounting and the London Foundling Hospital
Indigenous leadership
Institutional Change
Leadership in complexity
The Dilemma of China's Innovation
Are HRM Issues Hindering China Becoming a Truly Innovative Country?: A Multi-Level Assessment
Anthropology and management decision making
Institutional Entrepreneurship in Industry Convergence: A Comparative Study of Mobile Payments in Korea and China
Institutional Entrepreneurship in Technological Transitions: The Development of TD-SCDMA in China
Disruptions, Business Model Innovations and Demand-Side Transitions in Industry Evolution in Emerging Markets: The Case of China's Mobile Handset Industry
A Catch-up Strategy in Technological Innovation: Patent Portfolio Analysis of Huawei Technologies Co.
An Integrated Patent Indicator System for Patent Portfolios: Evidence from the Telecommunication Manufacturing Industry
Innovating for military capability: A sectoral systems approach
Culture of Speed and Road Safety
The Imperative for (Further) Higher Education Reform in China
"Broken and mad": Accounting, shell shock and British Army medcical units
Value for money and performance audit - Auditors General in public sector governance
The Effects of Collaborative Research Schemes on Research Output and Impact
Protecting the Integrity of Sport: What is Worth Defending?
Student perspectives on university teaching - choice based methods
Tourist destination choice modelling
Female management: an entrepreneurial career trajectory
Understanding Entrepreneurship and social capital in Creative industries
Immigrant entrepreneurship: Necessity or opportunity
Entrepreneurial intent and development
Social entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship education Australia
International comparison of the impact of performance audit reports
Historical development of Performance Audit in the Australian ANAO
Accounting & agriculture: lessons from the Lisle family agricultural estates
Hiding who pays: when disaster relief becomes a disaster
Gender and Drugs in Sport
Death for performance - What would athletes trade for success?
(De) Motivating Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards: The Curious Case of China
Pay Disparity between Top Management Team and Lower-Level Employees, Firm Performance, and Industry Sensitivity: Evidence from China Listed Companies
Game based approaches to developing financial literacy and competence among Indigenous communities
Indigenous Corporations, governance and accountability
Public Accounts Committees and Parliamentary oversight
Public Sector Accountability, Governance and Performance
Independence and Risk in Indonesian Performance Audit

Public Sector Management

Diagnosing Readiness: Testing Organisational Capabilities
Competencies for Effective Public Sector Reform
Middle Manager Development in the APS
Strengthening the Performance Management Framework
Improving the disaster risk management: facilitating a transition to a long-term community development
Employer Demand for Transferable Generic and Personal Skills in the Australian Public Sector (APS).
Learning from Evaluation
Employee Voice in Sri Lankan Garment Factorie
Agency-bargaining in the Australian Public Service

Logistics and Business Systems Modelling

A Co-joint Data Mining Approach for Minimizing Emissions
A Framework for Risk Identification and Mitigation in Transport Logistics for Homeland Security
Cyber Physical Systems for Intelligent Asset Tracking in Defence Logistics
Next Generation Data Merging , Cleansing, Prevention of Data Pollution for Big Data and Complex Data using information from multiple sources
Intelligent Asset Management
Green Logistics based on Cyber Physical Systems for Minimizing Emissions in Road Transport and Logistics
Big Data Analytics through Conjoint Data and Content Mining
User-side Quality of Service (QoS) management of Cloud-based Services
Ships as Warehouses in MILIS (SWIM): Challenges and Way Forward
Next Generation of Automated Navy Inventory Management Systems
Risk-based decision support for Asset Management in land force sustainment
Creating Intelligent Situational Awareness: Towards Human-Centred Data Mining and a Recommender System in Army Logistical Environment
Advancing MILIS - Ensuring interoperability across systems in Army, the joint environment, and key allies
Defence logistics and big data mining tools
Predictive Big Data Analytics for Logistics Operations Management