About Us

The School of Engineering and Information Technology (SEIT) is the largest school in UNSW Canberra with over 70 academics contributing to achieve the highest level of research standard expected from a research intensive institution. Research activities within the School are quite diverse, but fall broadly into ten focus areas within the school – air transport, communications, cyber security, fluid mechanics and space engineering, imaging, impact dynamics, structures and materials, systems and informatics, control theory and control engineering applications and optimisation and design.

The research support to the School comes from a number of research organisations as well as industry; the following are the major contributors in 2012 – Australian Research Council (ARC), Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) and Airservices, Australia. 2012 has seen success both in ARC Discovery and ARC Linkage as well as in Future Fellowship with total funding in excess of $4.3 million.

The School has seen significant increase in research output with over 400 publications added to the Higher Education Research Data Collection in 2012. Our academics regularly publish in reputable high impact journals in their respective areas and in 2012 we have seen our research activities published in prestigious Science journal.

The number of PhD research students is rising with mostly international students being attracted by the high quality of research activities within the School. We have various scholarship schemes to attract outstanding PhD candidates; China Scholarship Commission has been one of the main contributors in attracting quality research students from China.

 The research activities and achievements presented in this research report are indicative of what we do within our School. The focus areas could change as the nature of our research evolves with time. We encourage the readers of this report to contact relevant academics to explore more on their research interests.

Scott Tyo
Head of School