Safety management: risk and reward


An initiative developed by University of NSW researcher, Sue Burdekin, exemplifies the success of this cultural change, and the squadron’s faith in the ASMS. Based on extensive research and development conducted by Burdekin over a number of years across both civil and military operations, the squadron’s mission operations safety audit (MOSA) relies on pilot self-reporting for collecting operational safety data. MOSA, Ferguson says, is ‘underpinned by the willingness of a group of pilots to critically evaluate their own performance. Full credit must go to Sue for developing MOSA’, he acknowledges. As part of the research, Burdekin correlated MOSA performance data against LOSA (line operations safety audit) data on the same test crews and found, Ferguson says, that in the ‘self-assessed results, crews are slightly more critical of their own performance than an external auditor, and show a willingness to provide a balanced critical analysis of their own performance’.